Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 339: The Secret of Happiness

Readers of Improv Wisdom know that one of the daily rituals of my life is "making the marriage bed".  I point out that the three minute activity of smoothing the sheets, pulling up the bedspread and setting the pillows starts my day, every day, and gives my life a sense of order.  Ordinary rituals contribute to my mental health and well being.  Recently a student in my evening class on "Everyday Spontaneity" sent me this link to an article by a psychologist about the proven benefits of daily bed making.
What surprised me most in the article was the statistic that 59% of those polled don't make their beds in the morning.  A stunning 12% have someone else make the bed for them.  Wow.  Lots of folks with housekeepers.  Wow.  Most people give the excuse: "I don't have time."  The actual time it takes to straighten bedclothes in under three minutes, depending upon how many pillows and accessories you have to arrange.  Three minutes.  Not a bad investment to start the day with order and a sense of accomplishment.  Try it, if you are part of the 59%.  

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  1. I started making my bed when I turned 45. I'm 49 now and I can't imagine starting my day any other way OR ending my day in any way other than crawling into a fresh bed. Ahhhhh. The joys!