Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 348: Japan's natural disaster

A person walks through a vast area of tsunami-devastated Shizugawa district in Minami Sanriku of Miyagi prefecture, on Monday, March 14. Thousands of people were feared dead after last week's earthquake and tsunami in northeastern Japan.

As life goes on here in California, the Japanese people are facing a natural disaster of enormous proportions.  Our prayers go out to those affected by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear scare.  This week the Constructive Living newsletter included a selection by Dr. David K. Reynolds.  His words ring true and offer sage advice to us all.  I quote him here with his permission.
"Do you already know that you can't hold on to anything? Health will come
and go; love, too; intellect, friends and relatives will leave in one way or
another. Religious belief will merge and fade and merge and fade, sometimes
forgotten. Even the precious routines and rituals you use to hold on to life
will be disrupted and evolve. Life can't be preserved with paintings or
photos or solid houses or dependable cars or secure jobs or careful
monitoring of your health, or dutiful application of cosmetics. Watch
everything change over time. So treasure the now. Reality has to keep
finding new ways to support you, whether you realize it or not."
by Dr. David K. Reynolds in his reflections on The Imitation of Christ, 2011
(unpublished manuscript)

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