Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 365: The Circle Closes

Nearly a year ago I started this blog with the purpose of casting a daily eye at the things in ordinary life that serve me and my family. My life has been the grist for this mill.  Sometimes my focus drifted from things to poetry, art, or travel trivia.  This year brought waves of travel adventures: ten trips, as far reaching as Ireland, Sedona, Arizona; Richmond, VA, Los Angeles and Spokane.

My purpose was also about discipline.  I wanted to challenge myself to do something every day. I would write every day, regardless of inspiration.  This proved to have its ups and downs.  On the up side I captured everyday treasures  that would otherwise have been overlooked while I was waiting for inspiration or for "something worthy" to write about.  I came to learn that all of life is worthy.  One simply needs to train the eye.  It isn't necessary to have a shiny thing in front of you. Some of the most thoughtful posts came about when there seemed to be nothing to write about.  The discipline kept the writing muscle going. The down side was that all of the 365 pages of writing went unedited.  And one thing I have learned is that editing is essential for writing to be readable. Every post would be improved with a clear editor's eye.

Somewhere along the way I got the count wrong.  Here it is the last day of March and I find myself on Day 365.  I seem to have lost nine or ten days.  I'll find them along the way as I read over the whole blog.  I plan to use "Blog2print" to turn this into a book.  It will be my diary of the past year as a blogger.  I don't really mind the mistakes.  Those who know me understand my enthusiasm for "making mistakes."

I would like to thank my dozen readers, especially my cousin, Mary Frances Wood and my sister Kathleen Ryan.  I think that Susan Landor Keegan also has checked in from time to time. And, my beloved Ron got roped into reading it regularly.  It has been pleasing to know that someone is reading this.  I am grateful to other bloggers and friends from whom I have borrowed ideas.  We are surrounded by stimulus and recommendations.  If one can sort through the daily offerings on Facebook and Twitter and the "dear gang all" emails that stuff one's boxes there is often gold.  Thanks to others for sharing what they find worthy of attention.

I have noticed that making a habit of looking around for "the things that serve me" is easy.  There is never a moment when I am not in the care of someone or in their debt.  People and energy and objects are at my disposal.  And even in those moments when I find myself complaining I am still being served.  I am in the debt of others.  This computer facilitates my writing.  The Google Blogger app makes this all possible.  My Comcast provider creates the network that allows these words to float out onto the cloud of the WWW so that you may read them.  My teriyaki- broccoli rice bowl nourishes me tonight so that my body has energy to write.  This chair supports my back.  This tiffany lamp lights my way.

When ordinary life is the WAY there is much to do and even more to be grateful for.

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  1. Patricia,

    I've truly loved and enjoyed your blog of the past year. I'll be sad to see it go, but I have much appreciation for you and your daily observations.