Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 355: Blow ye winds . . .

This week the Bay Area is beset by storms.  Last night 100 mile an hour winds pummeled our world.  When we looked out on our deck we noticed that our weathervane. a tall copper heron perched on a N/S/E/W axis, had blown down and was lying on our deck next to the pond.   This large sculpture weighs a lot.  It must have taken quite a wind to catapult it from its strong mooring.  It made me think about impermanence.  No matter how well situated, no matter how strong or how healthy we are, no matter how much insurance we have, how much security we have amassed it can all turn on a dime.  Everything can change in a heartbeat.  The Japan earthquake and tsunami reminds us of this.  So we know that it is sensible to put our houses in order and take care of our health, and pay our bills and put away something for "hard times;" it only makes sense, however, to cherish and appreciate the moment at hand.  Thank those who help you.  Acknowledge those whose work makes yours possible.  Go beyond petty squabbles or beefs and make whole torn friendships.  Life can only be lived forward, although it can only be understood backward.  Carpe diem.  Honor today. 

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