Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 364B: Flying high above the earth

Today, March 30, 2011 was a travel day.  Here Ron plays a word game as we wait for our boarding call on Alaska Airlines.  In the past year there have been many changes in US airports.  A majority offer free WiFi.  This allow us to check email, make a post on Facebook, find a poem or new article or check a sports score.  With the world of information in the palm of our hands airport waiting time can become productive or recreative.  I find that I rejoice when I discover the availability of WiFi connections as we move around the world.  I'm sure that someday our young nephews and nieces will marvel at the world  of the past in which you had to drive to Starbucks to hook up your computer or phone to the Internet.  That is, if our natural world lasts that long.  The images of the Japan earthquake and tsunami remind us that there are uncontrollable forces greater than ourselves.

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