Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 358: My little teapot

Nearly a year ago when I started this blog I began with a photo of this hand painted mug.  It's my favorite cup and I am rarely far from it.  The little steel teapot came from England.  It's the type used in cheap teahouses.  I love it because it holds just the right amount of tea for one big mug plus a few fingers of tea to top it off and warm it up.  I have a number of ceramic teapots large and small, but I usually turn to this practical, easy to clean steel pot.  I enjoy looking around each day to determine "what is serving me today?"  As the winter storm winds blow this week I am warmed by my tiny teapot and favorite cup.

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  1. I came across your blog today as I was trying to start my own blog with "My little teapot" as my blog address. When I found this address was already taken I began to wonder who had used "My Little Teapot" and why? I was going to use it as that is what my husband calls me when I have strong opinions about something - apparently one hand goes on my hip and I wave the other around as I argue my point. Anyway I thought it was very fortunate that your latest post was in fact about your little teapot and so my question has been answered!