Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 344: Kudos to my readers

An author's dream is that her work is received in a positive spirit and that what she has written can become of use or inspiration to her reader.  This week I was delighted to received fan mail from a reader in Atlanta who is the Director of Admissions at Emory University.  Her name is Allison Gilmore and the photos below are those of her copy of my book, Improv Wisdom  complete with markings and bookmarks.  I am thrilled with this.  Here is part of the email she wrote:
Good morning, Professor,

My name is Allison Gilmore and I have been performing improvisational comedy in Atlanta for almost 30 years.  A few months back, my business partner and I discovered your book and it has so greatly informed our work.  We have our own company, DuMore Improv, and we teach improvisation as leadership to folks in higher education, corporations, and non-profits.

Thank you so much for writing this book.  It is truly amazing and so insightful.    .  .  .
We recommend  your book to every group we teach – and lately that’s been a lot of folks!  We even list it in our recommended reading.  Would love to the opportunity to meet / discuss our mutual work one day.  Let me know if you’re ever in Atlanta.  I’ll be teaching at Berkeley this summer as well.  Maybe there’s an opportunity here somewhere!
Allison Gilmore, Director of Admissions and Student Services
Goizueta Doctoral Program  |  Goizueta Business School  |  Emory University

I really appreciate the depth of her study of my book and of her taking the time to share this enthusiasm with me by sending these delightful photos.  I am one lucky author!  Oh, and I learned yesterday that Random House signed a contract with Apple to place 17 thousand of their titles (including Improv Wisdom into the bookstore at the Apple Store.  So for only $9.95 you can instantly download a copy of my book onto your IPad or Mac computer or even your IPhone.  Having the search function allows the reader to find a passage they liked.  Thank you, Allison, for writing and sharing the photos.  Good luck on your work teaching improv to others.  Go girl!

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