Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 183: Fresh Vegetables at sunrise

This morning we got up very early to unload Ron's pickup truck at the local high school.  An inventive student group was having a rummage sale to benefit the victims of the recent San Bruno fire.  This had a double benefit for us since I've turned a new leaf. I am determined to get rid of useful stuff that is lying around the house. Every drawer, closet and shelf is full.  Now is the time to divest.  We literally filled the back of Ron's pickup and hauling it all to the schoolyard before first light.  To celebrate we went out to breakfast at Moonside Bakery.  Then on to the Saturday Farmer's Market in HMB.  This display of carrots caught my eye.  Don't we live in a world of plenty?  Amazingly beautiful and nutritious.

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