Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 195: Irreverent baking by Maya Stein

Irreverent baking

I should be upstairs with the others, drumming up ways
to heal the world, save the animals, pray for water
in a far-off continent, devote the remainder of my days
to a catalog of restorations.  But this morning it was the matter
of scones that drew my gaze, and my feet remained
planted in the kitchen.  One must never ignore the instinct
to create, is what I told myself, and soon the counter was stained
with flour, my hands sticky with dough, the house inked
with the smell of blueberry possibility, and I knew I was not wrong
This was my prayer, my act of healing, my offering, my song.

--Maya Stein

And, if you are inspired to make some blueberry scones, here is a recipe that is heavenly.  I am indebted to Patti Digh for publishing this wonderful poem in her newest book,  CREATIVE IS A VERB.  I recommend it. 

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