Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 197: to see this clearly by Maya Stein

I continue to be inspired by the down to earth poetry of Maya Stein.  Her poem "to see this clearly" inspired me this morning to turn our ordinary breakfast into a special moment.  Toasting homemade bread and sweetening the world with "Blissful Blueberry Jam" made by a local woman, along with farm fresh eggs . . . well, this is my wonder.  As we say a lot:  Life is good.  I share her poem here.

To see this clearly

I am no magic trick, no doer of miracles, no water walker,
I am no architect of glory, no layer-on of hands, no angel wing,
I am no weaver of gold, no mythmaker, no parachute artist.
I am no halo of stillness in a downpour.
I am no treasure chest, no hero, no thunderbolt wielder,
I am no rabbit foot or lottery number.
I am no combination lock, no mystery ingredient, no optical illusion.
But there is a handful of sunflowers from the florist's sidewalk jungle.
Here is a blanket to spread on the grass for an afternoon.
Her is a song on the radio that calls for dancing.
Here is a chocolate bar I will share with you.
Here is a road sign, a notebook, photographs of those I have loved.
Here is a slice of bright blue sky, a hummingbird
thrashing her wings around an apricot tree.
To see this clearly
is enough.
  --Maya Stein

To read more of Maya's work go to:

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