Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 189: The Pumpkin Festival Half Moon Bay

Each fall there comes a weekend in October that is called The Pumpkin Festival of Half Moon Bay.  All hail the pumpkin.  Highway 92 "over the hill" is lined with fields filled with pumpkins for sale.  Many of the businesses along that way have rides and games for children and are meant to attract families to stop and take photos.  Each year the biggest pumpkin is weighed in and celebrated. This years winner was more than 1500 pounds.  For two days there is an arts and crafts faire that draws close to 200 thousand attendees. 2010 has the festival on October 16 and 17.  The important thing to know is that if you live on the coast side, lay low.  The traffic is often crippling, so don't try to go anywhere.  We are keeping a quiet profile.  Happy pumpkin picking to all.  This painting I did last year at Farmer John's pumpkin patch on Highway 1.

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