Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 200: Wear comfortable shoes

This drawing of my feet is in a watercolor journal that I carried around in 2009. I would  stop and draw or paint ordinary things.  I was at Wilbur Hot Springs when I did this sketch. It's a fair likeness of my old feet.  The bunions have been there nearly all of my life:  battle-scars of wearing "pointy-toed high heel shoes" when I was in my twenties.  They are worse now than when I did this drawing. Podiatrists looking at these feet have wide happy eyes:  "Ah, foot surgery is in your future, my dear," they gleam.  Well, my friend, Jo Landor, had feet that looked like mine.  She fell for that line from a foot doctor and had the bunion surgery when she was 60.  "Never do it," she counseled me as we padded around the hot tubs at Esalen in the early 1980's.  I've kept that advice in mind.  Instead of surgery I wear really comfortable shoes.  I mean REALLY comfortable.  They are the opposite of fashion shoes.  I wear the SAS clumpers with orthotics inserted to adjust for my tibial tendonitis.  I never ever wear high heels.  I think they are barbaric and truly unkind to the wondrous feet that carry our weight around all day.
Recently I was at an eye examination appointment and my glamorous Opthamologist, who is something of a fashionista was wearing five inch boots along with her white doctor's lab coat.  I know those shoes cost $389 at least.  My heart sank thinking of her standing on them all day as she put eye drops in her patients and adjusted that eye viewing torture machine to check your cornea.  I wish she would put on sensible shoes (we used to call them).  Your feet deserve better.

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