Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 202: Wednesday Plein Air Painting at Farmer John's

Wednesday mornings I rise, make a thermos of Earl Grey tea, fill my satchel with watercolor implements and set out to the designated meeting spot on the coast.  Our Plein Air Painters of the Coastside is an informal group that shows up (or not) and paints at a different outdoor location each week.  The group is organized by our fearless leader and artist Eric Greenhut.  This week we went back to Farmer John's Pumpkin Patch.  Only the wind was so fierce that my easel kept blowing over.  I found it even hard to hold a sketchbook in my lap.  So, we accepted defeat and went over to Peet's Coffee to paint indoors and drink Pumpkin Lattes.
I was able to capture an 11 second video of the wind.  Here is the painting I did filling in the blanks from memory, which is never as good as sitting there to paint.

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  1. I love the bold oranges and bright blues against the murky greens. Yay fall!