Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 201: The Canterbury Tales . . . two generations later

My urge to clean house has its benefits.  I went through a shoebox full of photos from the past thirty years.  This one surfaced.  It is a cast photo of a production of "Improvised Canterbury Tales" directed by Adam Tobin as his senior class honors project at Stanford.  The back of the photo mercifully has the date:  January 1993.
What pleases me about this wonderful photo (in addition to the youthful, smiling faces) is that I know everyone in this photo (with the exception of the mystery girl with the curly hair at the right).  All of these young men and women are still friends of mine.  I follow them on Facebook, go to their weddings, cheer when they have children and ache with them when some life difficulty occurs.  These are my children.  All grown up.  In the bottom row Christina on the left is a physician, Kellen next to her is a Pediatrician who recently examined the newest child of Adam squatting next to him.  (Adam's daughter is Tessa Cate Tobin, born on October 13, 2010). Next to Adam is Hilary Ryan Rowe and Jen Kramer Tate.  In the top left is Rob Baedeker, Jason Delborne, Tadasaurus Glauthopolis, Ross McCall, Andy Michael Paul, Chris Esparza and mystery girl. A few are married to other former students and Stanford Improvisors of olde.  Many have kiddos of their own.  What a magnificent group of young men and women.  I am so proud to have been a teacher, and thankful to FB for allowing me to keep watching their lives.  

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