Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 190: Bridget Quigg: Amazing Woman

Sometime during the Punic Wars (or was it the late 1990's?) I had the privilege to teach a young woman named Bridget Quigg at Stanford. She signed up for my Sophomore Seminar on the Theories of Improvisation. The class met once a week to discuss readings and performances. All were centered on different forms of improv theater. I remember Bridget as being the kind of student whose eyes would light up in class. She appeared to be "getting it" (whatever it was I was selling in those days.) To my surprise and delight Bridgett showed up this February in Doe Bay, WA to attend a workshop on improvisation taught by the renowned Rebecca Stockley and Matt Smith of Seattle. I was there as a student, and it was with pleasure that I met Bridget again. She told me a story that my class had started something important for her . . . indeed her presence at an advanced improv workshop was a testament to this. Today I am spending the day as her student. She is offering a workshop in Palo Alto on using improv techniques to forward ones work as a writer. It is called "Unblock Your Brilliance: Writing Through Improvisation." Can't wait to wield my mighty pen under her tutelage.
In the evening you can see her perform an hilarious one woman show: Almost Female: A Jockette's Awesome Journey

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