Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 185: The Cherry Orchard 1975

My teaching career at Denison University in the 1970's included a lot of directing.   My favorite playwright was Anton Chekhov.  Here is a staged shot from my production of The Cherry Orchard, circa 1975.  The student with the bald pate wig on the right is the famous screenwriter and author, Jose Rivera, Emmy winner and author of The Motorcycle Diaries.  I've recently been on a purge to get rid of the mountain of boxes with memorabilia from my past.  It's hard to throw away old theatrical photos.  I also unearthed a wonderful letter from Jose written to me as his teacher.  I am now trying to find a mailing address for him.  If anyone knows how I can contact him I'd be grateful to know.  

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